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As a Makeup Artist, being in the beauty industry for over 8 years I've encountered uncountable makeup emergencies where I had to "SALVAGE" the situation. Be it smudged lipstick or accidentally rubbing your foundation off, literally anything and we've been through it! But most of all was when it came to applying eyelashes, 90% of my clients had their eyes tear up which then led to ruining the eyeliner, concealer and what not. Not being able to find something similar to our lashes made me realize the gap in the market. After a thorough research and development we designed our "Semi-Lash". Salvaging your biggest makeup Emergencies!


It is as simple as it looks!

-The longer side of each Semi Lash goes towards the outer corner of the eye. Giving you an instant lift and volume.

- Give them a little bend & apply as regular Eyelashes

We suggest adding a mascara to the inner half of the eye to achieve a more blended and seamless finish.

Did you know?

When you apply regular false eyelashes, they can trigger your tear duct located in the inner corner of your eye, causing your eyes to water.

This is why many people with "sensitive" eyes may experience discomfort or irritation when using traditional false lashes.

Our lashes are designed taking this into consideration, reducing irritation and discomfort for those with sensitive eyes.

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